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Nonpareil Trauma Training and @Força Foundation / @Força Ukraine are teaming up again to provide another critical mission to Ukraine to provide trauma training and Field Whole Blood Transfusions as required by Ukraine’s Ministry of Health (MOH). Figure 1 is our dear friend, Doctor Steve. He is our primary Doctor that we travel and work alongside with on our missions to Ukraine. He bravely offered himself up as a participant to have a 450mL of his own Whole Blood transfused out and back into him with out any concerns. In figures 2 and 3, is our amazing Team Leader, Mike, who also offered himself up as a walking-whole blood participant.

Teaching field whole blood transfusion is important to teach in this current war in Ukraine, as in many other countries, for several key reasons:

  1. Emergency Medical Response: FWB transfusion is a critical skill in emergency medical response, especially in situations where injured individuals have significant blood loss. In Ukraine, which is currently experiencing conflicts due to the invasion of Russian troops, the ability to perform WFB transfusions can be a life-saving intervention in remote or high-risk areas.
  2. Resource Limitations: In some regions of Ukraine, access to fully equipped hospitals or blood banks may be limited. FWB transfusions allows for immediate treatment at the site of an incident, helping stabilize patients until they can reach a field hospital.
  3. Reduce Mortality: In cases of severe trauma, hemorrhage, or major accidents, rapid blood transfusion can significantly reduce mortality rates. Training medics in FWB can improve the chances of survival for patients who would otherwise have limited access to blood products.
  4. Logistical Efficiency: FWB can be more logistically efficient than trying to transport patients to distant medical triage tents in emergency situations. It can help stabilize patients, prevent further complications, and improve their chances of surviving long enough to receive more comprehensive medical care.

In summary, teaching FWB transfusion in Ukraine is crucial for improving emergency medical response, reducing mortality in trauma cases, and enhancing the capabilities of healthcare professionals and first responders, especially in situations with limited access to traditional medical resources. It can save lives and improve the overall quality of healthcare in emergency situations.

So how can you help us teach this critical skill? Click here for our donation page.

Figure 1. Dr. Steve Donnelly, Emergency Room Physician and Professor of Emergency Medicine

Figure 2. Mike, Team Leader, NREMT-P, ACLS, PALS, STB instructor

Figure 3. Whole blood from team leader, Mike.

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