A Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Nonpareil Trauma Training (NTT) was founded in 2023 to address the dire need for Stop the Bleed education and training, both at home and abroad.  Informed by our experiences teaching pre-hospital trauma training in Ukraine and working as paramedics in the US, Nonpareil provides elite, real world-inspired education. The reality in America is stark – in 2022 there were 648 mass shootings – mass shootings identified as any incident with four or more individuals shot and 332 shootings occurring on K-12 school properties.  Massive hemorrhage is the number one cause of death following trauma – it is preventable and we can show you how.  NTT takes a real-world, scenarios-based approach that has been developed through our experience as paramedics in the United States and as pre-hospital trauma instructors in Ukraine. We tailor our approach to meet the client needs. Our training focuses on stop the bleed techniques that have been proven on the streets and in combat to save lives. Our instructors also emphasize the importance of improvisation in critical aid situations, understanding that not everyone carries tourniquets or specialized medical equipment. We are committed to providing the best possible training from proven instructors and with equipment we trust our lives to in the field.  With stakes this high, don’t trust your training needs to just anyone. Train Elite, train Nonpareil


Our mission is to provide high-quality EMS-trauma-based training that equips civilians and even those who already have the knowledge but want to learn more, the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to save lives in critical situations. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and up-to-date education that prepares you to assess, stabilize, and protect yourself in a crisis. Through hands-on training, evidence-based instruction, and a focus on teamwork, we strive to empower our students to excel in their life-saving roles, ensuring the best possible outcomes for those in need of emergency medical care.


To be the leading innovators in EMS-trauma training, setting the standard for excellence and shaping the future of emergency medical services through cutting-edge curriculum and unwavering commitment to saving lives.


Integrity. Excellence. Compassion. Collaboration. Safety. Innovation.

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