Salem Safety

While working over in Ukraine this previous mission, we had the honor of working alongside this outstanding Instructor, Alain, originally from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Alain owns Salem Safety, where he offers classes in first aid, emergency response, BLS-AED training, outdoor first aid, and Stop The Bleed classes. Salem safety also makes model trainers that can be used for wound packing, safety kits and custom-made models! Check out his website here.

Check out this amazing review from our partner, Salem Safety!

During this first mission we collaborated with Força Foundation andNonpareil Trauma Training.In addition to a great collaboration, we also trained together in the free hours we had. They have taken our skills to a new level with their knowledge, expertise and skillful transfer. An absolutely valuable collaboration with wonderful, patient and knowledgeable instructors. They have more missions planned from the United States to Ukraine. Força Foundation and Nonpareil Trauma Training is recommended by us as a trainer in Colorado, USA” – Salem Safety

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