EMSAC 2023

November 2-5th was the yearly EMSAC conference that is held in Keystone, Colorado, this year marking its 50th year! EMS individuals from all over the Country come together to present different EMS related topics, learn and gain knowledge to help with CEs (Continued education). This year, Emily (owner) and our fantastic friend and trainer, Arthur, were selected to be presenters. They provided an excellent presentation on Lessons learned in Ukraine and how it pertains to US trauma medicine in the pre-hospital setting. Their talk was literally standing room only! It was heartening to see so much interest in Ukraine and in the Forca Ukraine team’s work. We were also able to make some new connections with future partners like Strategic Medical and others who support our goal to return to Ukraine. Most importantly, we had the chance to learn from others, something that will further enhance our own ability to provide the best possible pre-hospital trauma training.

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