Join our Stop The Bleed (STB) course and empower yourself with life-saving skills needed in emergencies. In this class, you’ll become certified how to effectively control bleeding, a critical skill that can make a difference when seconds count. By taking this course with us, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to act decisively in situations where rapid intervention is crucial. Our STB goes above and beyond the normal STB courses by providing real-world experiences. We offer more hands-on training as well as practical skills and knowledge that correlate with every-day life. We also offer safety solutions for bussiness and homes for how you can keep yourself and those around you safe in the moment of a crisis. Sign-up today and be a part of the solution to saving lives!


Join our tourniquet (TQ) and wound packing class to acquire invaluable life-saving skills. In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively apply TQ and perform wound packing, crucial techniques for controlling severe bleeding in emergency situations. Being prepared can make a life-saving difference, and by taking this class with us, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to act swiftly when it matters the most. Sign up today and become a vital link in the chain of survival!

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Not sure if your company or even your house hold needs this type of training? Give us a call and we will discuss what our company can provide for you and how you can take the steps to keep yourself and those around you, safe.

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