Dnipro Tourniquet

TQ Dnipro

NTT is proud to partner with TQ Dnipro and showcase its excellent products, such as the Gen2 Tourniquet, designed and manufactured in Dnipro, Ukraine.

TQ Dnipro is a Ukrainian tourniquet manufacturer. They specialize in the development and supply of the highest, most up-to-date, and high quality tourniquets. They provide reliable protection for life and safety in various fields of activity. NTT is proud to partner with a product of which its for sole purpose is to bring their soldiers home. We here at NTT believe in this product and have seen it’s job in action through vigorous trainings and real life application.

Tourniquets Manufacturer Dnipro 2

  • Protection between the platform and the buckle and between the platform and the main strap: This helps protect the skin and muscles on the limbs from pinching.
  • Wide velcro on a platform with a notch: This completely closes and securely holds the gate, perforation allows you to quickly find the edge of the velcro even by touch.
  • New strap attachment: Easy peeling and increased rigidity.
  • Reinforced inner tape: It is extremely tensile and tear-resistant, but has a light stroke when the gate is rotated.
  • Platform with six holes and tread: Securely holds the gate and bends well, providing a snug fit on limbs of different volumes
  • Newly shaped duralumin gate valve: Comfortable and reliable in use, with or without tactical gloves.
  • External Buckle Lock: Fixes the buckle when tucking in the belt.
  • Lower fixation of the external strap under the platform: Now the outer belt does not interfere with the rotation of the gate on the platform and the twisting of the inner belt, additionally reinforcing the platform from below.

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